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Expert Data Miner Log Analyzer Project

An ultra fast and configurable interactive log analyzer.

Easy to install on your desktop!

  Produced by ASCO IT
Flash - Take a Quick Tour (doesn't cover click fraud detection)


If you wish to know where your visitors are coming from and which pages they ask, Expert Data Miner will provide you a large amount of reports and help you to visualize what happens to each visitor. With its unique drill down approach, you can decide to fetch any detail that you want behind each line of information or limit yourself to the general results.

-A large number of reports to see how your visitors found your site, which landing pages are attracting people and what these visitors are doing after.

-An accurate classification to separate spiders & robots from human visitors in most reports.

-Custom reports: Build your reports on the fly and fech the most loyal visitors according to their behavior. EDM can easily link an email address to a user session; ideal for your mail campaigns.

-Customizable columns: Add up to 10 columns of your choice in your reports and define yourself what you need to display in each of them. Combined with a broad range of filters, this feature allows you to isolate almost any detail that you want.

-Your website is big? Among the web analytics software designed for the Windows desktop, EDM is one of the fastest that can exist. It takes only a few seconds to parse a log (NCSA/Apache or IIS) of 500,000 lines.


-Full database support. You can upgrade your previous totals with fresh new logs every day!

-Windows interface: You can export your reports and charts into HTML files, but you can also use the standard Windows interface to view your data, sort by column, copy & paste to your clipboard or fetch several details with popups.

- If you use the pay per click system, EDM will help you to detect several cases of click fraud as explained here, or either to manage your exclusion list in your AdWords account.

You want further details? You can read an introduction to EDM and some samples of reports. A larger set of screenshots is available in the short tutorial


The version 1.64 is now available.
List of improvements 1.0-1.64

EDM can support any cookie format, including Google Analytics cookies!

- Accuracy

- Speed

- Configurability

- Originality

- Database support

You can download the free trial version of Expert Data Miner Now!

If your web site has less than 100 visitors per day, there is also a  free version with a permanent license. Read about the freeware features.


EDM comes in 4 versions:

1-The free trial version, no quota, expires after 21 days. Download now.

2-The freeware with a quota of 100 visitors per day.  Entirely free, but  process a maximum of around 100 visitors per day (including spiders). Ideal if you are an individual with a small web site.
Download page.

3- The standard version. Permanent  license, 129$ US.

4- The Enterprise Edition. Permanent  license, 209$ US. An amazing number of options to track down your visitors, determine their behavior and optimize your website. 

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