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Click Fraud Detection
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Prevent fraudulent clicks - manage your Adwords campaign

A quick an easy way to use efficiently your PPC budget



If you suspect that fraudulent clicks represent a significant fraction of your web traffic, there are many ways to cope with the problem. One is to use Expert Data Miner, which can not only detect Adwords frauds but also bogus clicks from some others PPC networks. However some individuals have not the time to learn correctly all the software options.

If you have any difficulty with the software, or if you prefer to get human written reports that give a clear evaluation of the steps to implement, ASCO IT also offers a free evaluation. All you need to do is to contact us by email. Please *do not attach* any huge log file to your initial email, they may rebound altogether or even being lost. Send the text message separatly at least, in the worst case there is a way to transmit your file by ftp later on.

 Your zip file should include at least one week of web server log files, but it�s better if the log files cover one (recent) month. This service is especially suitable for websites that have less than 100,000 visitors per day. The data stays confidential. The audit is not limited to the generation of automatic reports, nor even the synthesis of the relevant parts of these ones; often other tools are used and a human investigation for some referring websites can reveal sophisticated patterns that an automatic procedure would not detect.

The first evaluation is free; a summary report will give you an estimation of the number of fraudulent clicks, the percentage of recovery that you can expect if you take some reasonable decisions to deal with the matter, the cost that may occur if you reduce selectively your PPC budget and sometimes initial suggestions like negative keywords to use in your AdWords account.

If you wish to continue a second report can be delivered a few days later. That one will contain the list of cities and countries which represent a net loss, the list of websites that you should not involve in your Ad campaign (Display Network), a detailed estimation of your losses with such websites/cities, in some cases the IP addresses to ban, the presence of click bots, and recommendations regarding traffic quality. The price of this report is less than 5% of the total amount that you are expected to save according to the initial free report.Leave a message to

 ppc fraud detection

How to detect:

- Competitors who click on your ads

- clickbots

- Multiple clicks from the same IP address

- Countries and cities who perform poorly

- Websites from the Content Network who cheat and drain your budget dry

It's time to act and stop it now!

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